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Our lab is developing the next generation of minimally invasive cancer therapies, with a focus on new devices and materials for intratumoral drug delivery. These new technologies will allow us to:

  • Treat tumors in the liver, lung, pancreas, and kidney
  • Improve tumor targeting (improved efficacy and reduced side effects)
  • Improve local drug release kinetics (single treatment instead of multiple treatments)
  • Perform local immunotherapy / in situ cancer vaccination

Lab overview video

Technologies and projects

Injectable gel for
percutaneous or
intra-arterial drug delivery

Immunogenic embolic to
induce anti-tumor immune
response and abscopal effect
Drug-eluting glue and
tumor-targeting drug carriers
First lung chemoembolization
trial in the United States
Micro CT of liver tumor arteries
Drug release kinetics
Pancreatic cancer angiography
and drug delivery
Better intratumoral delivery
translates into better
overall survival


Join our lab

Join us to create the future of interventional oncology. We invent new therapies in the lab, and bring them to the clinic. Our patented inventions have been used in more than 100 hospitals.

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Job openings:
Biomedical engineer
IR research fellow

6/14/2022: Our paper on the Oncopig model of liver cancer won the JVIR Editor's Award for Outstanding Laboratory Investigation.
8/31/2021: Our lung chemoembolization paper was published in Radiology.
11/30/2020: Our local immunotherapy proposal won "best pitch" at The Academy Imaging Shark Tank (RSNA)

Lab PI: F. Edward Boas [Research | Clinical | NIH biosketch]
City of Hope Cancer Center
1500 East Duarte Rd.
Duarte, CA 91010
Email: fboas at coh dot org
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